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Why you need a smog check? - Golden Wrench Automotive Why you need a smog check? - Golden Wrench Automotive

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Why you need a smog check?

Why you need a smog check?

Hanging onto classic vehicles is not a strange thing today. However, your car needs to pass some criteria, such as a smog check or test if you want to drive it in your state. To determine the number of emissions your car returns, states require a check-up. So, if you live in Lake Forest, please book in for our services while you can benefit from a 20$ promotion.

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Smog Check Licenses and Certifications

Every state offers an individual license for smog checks, and California is no exception. All inspections require a licensed inspector, and we are glad to announce that our staffs inspect and certify your vehicle, licensed in the state of California.

Discounts and Promotions For a Smog Check

We offer you a 20$ discount for a certificate charge and smog check inspection for a limited time, so we strongly suggest you book now while it is still available. On the other hand, don’t miss our promotion and coupon page for the latest promotions, since they are two of the most reliable websites for discounts you could find on the internet. 

5 Things You Should Know About a Smog Check in Lake Forest

1. A smog check takes approximately about 20-30 minutes to complete.
2. You may be asked for a new test even if your car has been inspected in another state.
3. Every single gas-powered vehicle manufactured after 1975 requires a smog test.
4. You may avoid it for the first six years if you have purchased a new car and pay an abatement fee instead.
5. You must diagnose the problems by a licensed check-up repair technician if your smog test fails.

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In Which Cases, My Car does not Need a Smog Check?

– If your car, motorcycle, or trailer is a 1975 year or older

– If your car is a 1977 year model or older and it is diesel-powered

– Diesel-Powered vehicles with a weight of more than 14000 pounds

– If your car is more than 14000 pounds and uses natural gas as fuel

– Every electric vehicle


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