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Summer: Ideal road trip weather for ideal car maintenance.

Summer: Ideal road trip weather for ideal car maintenance.

The summer season provides ideal weather for road trips, drive-ins, but unfortunately, causes trouble for car maintenance. Why? Extreme heat can take a toll on your car’s most essential systems. So, if you set a time to go on trips in your car, we’ll help you have a safe trip in the summertime.

Read on as we outline must-know car maintenance tips for summer. 

1. Test the AC

Summer fever pairs well with air conditioning. When higher temperatures hit, you’ll need a working AC system in your vehicle. You may not have run your AC through winter or spring, so make sure you examine it ahead of the summer season. 

If you’re taking hot air when you turn your air conditioning on, an effortless way is to have refrigerant (Freon) charged. Adding refrigerant to your wheels can give your AC system an aid. If it doesn’t help, a car mechanic should check and handle the problem.

If you are concerned about your AC, you can check this blog.

2. Check your tires’ air pressure 

Winter conditions may have caused harm to your wheels. So, before going on long road trips this summertime, make sure you examine your tire pressure during your car maintenance. When checking your tire pressure, you’ll need to look for clues that your tires are under-or overinflated. Most passenger cars recommended tire pressure within 30 and 35 PSI (pounds per square inch). When in doubt, refer to your car owner’s guidebook to learn what your tire pressure area should be. 

Optimal tire pressure can prevent a disastrous tire blowout or a flat tire or in the middle of nowhere. Properly inflated tires can help maximize your fuel mileage on those lengthy car rides.

If you want to increase your mileage per fuel, even more, I suggest you read more here

It is a good idea to check the air pressure of your extra tire to make sure it works as a reliable option in case of an emergency.

3.Coolant fluid

Coolant fluid needs to be checked during the summer months, as it keeps your car’s engine from overheating. Follow two simple steps to check your car’s coolant level: 

Open the hood

Find the coolant reservoir, then undo the cap

Check the level of coolant by looking at the indicator lines on the reservoir. 

If the indicator lines reveal that the coolant is too low, add the appropriate amount of coolant to the reservoir. 

Reattach the cap 

If you’re not feeling comfortable examining the coolant levels, or any other engine fluids, your local mechanic can help you.

 4.Check the visibility.

If you want other drivers to see you, you will develop the solution to stay protected on the road. So, during your car maintenance checklist, inspect your lights and windshield wipers to ensure your visibility.

Examine your wiper blades – the winter snowfall can be harsh on your wipers. If you see any fractures, splits, or tears, substitute them. Used wipers won’t deliver a straightforward, consistent wipe if you need it the most.

Test your lights to make sure that they are in serving order. Begin with your headlights and front turn signals, then move to the car’s back and check the taillights and brake lights. You can change them if you notice any defect.

5.Dirt, dust, and trash

Trash, dust, and other contaminants are your car’s nemesis. Dirt in the motor can cause many dilemmas, including decreased gas mileage, while dust in the heat and cooling system can endanger the air quality inside your wheels. 

Make sure to keep the trash out during the car maintenance, make sure your motor air filter and cabin air filter are tidy and up to the task. Do a visual examination of both filters and if either is unreasonably dirty, renew your car with a new filter. A dirty engine air filter decreases the volume of fresh air your engine gets, while a sealed cabin air filter can affect the air conditioning performance and lead to musty smells inside your vehicle. 

6.Engine Oil

Oiling is one of the most critical steps, as delaying could jeopardize any vehicle’s security and lessen its overall lifespan.

With the long-distance journey that comes with summer vacation, it’s an excellent idea to make sure that you are on top of your oil changes. Based on your car maintenance and engine oil used, engine oil should be replaced about 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Engine oil is one of the vital elements in your vehicle. It greases engine components and prevents loss when your motor is working hard on the way. Engine oil may damage the engine over time, and when it does, it fails to lubricate engine parts as well as it did before, and consequently, friction and heat will cause your engine to decline.

If you are not sure whether it is the time to change them or not, check here.

7.Check Your Battery.

While you might not think that examining your battery is vital in the summer, unnecessary heat and overcharging can decrease the life of your battery. Excess warmth causes battery liquid to evaporate, which breaks the internal composition of the battery. To receive the most maximum out of your battery, check your electrical system to ensure that your battery is charging at the right rate. Dirt, corrosion, and excessive heat can all take a toll on battery life.

8.Check your brakes

You rely on your brakes every moment you get behind the engine. Coming off the demanding conditions of winter, you’ll want to have a close eye on the performance of your brakes. Your brake pads work under extreme conditions, so you must address any problems right away.

It is time to investigate if you notice that your brakes don’t have the same holding power they previously had or if you hear grinding, squealing, or growling sounds(read more about common signs). Your mechanic will be able to perform the proper diagnosis and repairs to put you safely on the road.

If you already don’t have a mechanic, here are some tips for you.

The Conclusion

Maintenance is the core to long-lasting and reliable transportation. Luckily, we have many services that will help you with your spring-summer car maintenance. We have some promotions as well to suit your needs.

For more tips on implementing a car maintenance routine, saving costs on repairs, and extending the life of your vehicle, check our blog post we update routinely. 


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