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5 essential things you should consider before auto repair - Golden Wrench Automotive 5 essential things you should consider before auto repair - Golden Wrench Automotive

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5 essential things you should consider before auto repair

5 essential things you should consider before auto repair

You know you have to go to an auto repair shop if your car breaks down. But have you ever been wondered how to pick the right one? Which repair shop is best for you? Are they reliable enough? What kinds of services they provide? Do they offer any warranty? Here are five tips that can help you make a better decision. Or you call us now for free guidance about your car.

1. Does this Auto Repair Shop Support my Driving Car?

Almost every auto repair shop will work on your car if it is one of the American brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, or Jeep. And Lake Forest is no exception. (However, if you are driving a Tesla, we recommend you to ensure if their mechanics are certified from Tesla Motors or not).

Since Asian brands like Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are popular in the United States, finding a repair shop is not a big deal. But, if you are driving a European car, like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, or Volvo, which require special tools and knowledge, you must try to find a specialized repair shop. If you are living in Lake Forest, you can skip this part and book now. We are going to take care of your vehicle no matter what your car brand is.


2. Do not Forget to Ask for the Terms of the Warranty

Depending on their principles, auto repair shops provide their services with different terms of the warranty. Auto service contracts, known as extended warranties, are common add-ons offered to the customers from the repair shop. After the repair services, your car is protected under a repair warranty for a specific time or miles. Having reached those coverage limits, the contract expires, and all financial responsibilities are on the car owner.

call us now for more information.

3. Warning Lights that Draw you to an Auto Repair Shop

You don’t need to stop by an auto repair shop unless there exists a critical problem. Pay attention to the lights on your car dashboard. Whether you still have the manual for your car or not, Googling is an excellent way to find the instruction. So you can determine whether the light indicates a warning or not. has listed some common warning lights for you here.

4. Never Underestimate Tires Monitoring

Tire monitoring is one of the main items you should consider to increase vehicle safety. However, checking the tire pressure is not enough. You have to monitor tread, rotation, and balance. Also, you have to change your tire based on the weather. For example, it is strictly recommended not to drive in a snowy place with a flat tire.

Here at Golden Wrench, we offer you tons of options. So, book now for a full check at our auto repair shop before it’s too late.

5. Always Choose an Insured Auto Repair Shop

It is not unusual in auto repair shops if your car gets damaged within the repair steps. An insured facility will prevent you from unnecessary expenses in case of getting damaged by their mechanics. By the way, always make sure that their insurance is still valid and not expired.

 We always emphasize insurance, so book now, and you shall not be worried about the possible damages.


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