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Do you need a mechanic or auto repair? - Golden Wrench Automotive Do you need a mechanic or auto repair? - Golden Wrench Automotive

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Do you need a mechanic or auto repair?

Do you need a mechanic or auto repair?

Our auto repair shop is located in Lake Forest and is ready to provide repairs, replacement, and complete mechanical services. Our certified mechanics are here to take care of your vehicle at the lowest cost possible, from an oil change to electrical issues. We are pleased to offer a complete variety of maintenance with the latest types of equipment available if you are experiencing car trouble.

Do not hesitate to call us or book an appointment from here.

What Kind of Auto Repair Do We Provide?

While you own a vehicle, you should know that the various services your car requires are way more than you could imagine. There are two different types of services to look for:

1. Monthly basis check-ups

2. Repairs and replacements after damages

Of course, some other services besides these two types we provide, such as Smog Check, are essential for you if your car is 6 years or older.

Monthly Basis Check-ups

By checking up your car monthly, you may avoid auto repairs caused by sublation. For example, the oil change is usually recommended from 5000 to 7500 miles. However, it would help if you considered checking up your oil gauge to find out whether it needs to be refilled or not. Not paying attention to the oil could cause serious damage to the engine, and believe us, you don’t want to face it. Electrical parts are another important thing to look after. Sometimes even a tiny none functional fuse could completely expunge your electrical devices, which are critical in new cars today. To better understand this issue, a fuse will cost you about 10$ to 20$, and a CPU will start from 100$.

So contact us now for a check-up appointment if you have not done this recently.

Auto Repair and Replacement After Damage

Different types of damages may lead you to an auto repair shop. While it’s almost always cheaper to repair, it’s not always an available option. There are parts you can not repair after they stopped working, such as batteries. That’s Why we strongly recommend you to ask for help from our technicians since they will let you know whether the broken unit is repairable or not.

Regardless of the type, it demands an expert diagnosing team to check and solve the problem. Golden Wrench is proud to provide trustworthy and dependable services in the Lake Forest area. You can stop by our place Monday-Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM But, we strongly recommend you saving you time by booking an appointment here.

Auto Repair and Insurance Rules in Lake Forest

Your auto repair should be covered by an insurance policy, whether it is your fault or not. However, if the fault is on other drivers, you can ask for payment from the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. Even though you may have caused your crash, you can cover the cost if you have purchased collision insurance before. Whatever happens, feel free to call us for guidance.


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