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    Brake Pads

    Premier Brake Pads Service

    The brake pads with several parts in the brake system are made to stop a vehicle using unique materials to maximize friction. Brakes convert hydraulic fluid on the caliper in the master cylinder force, which squeezes the brake pads against the sides of a metal disc called a brake rotor connected to each wheel tire. In the end, the friction stops the rotation of the brake rotors and the wheels.

    After a specific time, brake pads will lose their function, especially in the friction materials, so new ones should be installed. Some factors may result in wearing out your brake pads faster, such as what vehicle you have, where, and how you drive. Also, the type of brake pad you apply in your car determines their maintenance. 

    It is so better to check your brake pads regularly. Our certified mechanics will inspect your brake pads carefully and professionally. 

    Suppose you want to have a car that stops smoothly. In that case, your local specialists offer you the best and high-quality services whether you are in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, or other cities in Orange County, CA.

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    As brake pads are one of the most critical parts of the brake system, repairing and checking them is essential for your safety while driving. With years of professional experience and knowledge, Golden Wrench Automotive provides everyone who lives in the Orange County area, like Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, and others, the best services. Apart from routine brake services, we are an expert in repairing and servicing Brake Pads. 

    Our certified mechanics repair your brake pads with a detailed and accurate inspection no matter how or what causes the damages. We are here to ensure your safety. Moreover, we offer our superior brake master services at reasonable prices in Orange County, California.

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