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5 Things You Should Know About Your Vehicle Tire - Golden Wrench Automotive 5 Things You Should Know About Your Vehicle Tire - Golden Wrench Automotive

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Vehicle Tire

tire repair

5 Things You Should Know About Your Vehicle Tire

No matter how cautious you drive, tire repair is inevitable sometimes. Going over a sharp object or hitting debris may leave you with a flat. However, replacing the tire is not necessarily the best solution.  Depending on the puncture location and the amount of damage, the tire may only need a simple repair. Whether it is a repair or replacement, there are things you should know about tire repair. Here we will notice five important ones.

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1.Is The Tire Repairable Or Not

Tire repair is not always available. In some cases, the tires are non-repairable due to the severity of the damages. Every tire has its repair area; if the puncture is outside of that (check the image), you should know the repair is not an option anymore. The size of the hole is also important. The larger it is, the harder it is to repair.pancture repair area

2.A Simple Way to Read The Tire Size

A text on your tire’s sidewall looks like a code reveals all the information about size, width, and other tire details. However, it is much easier to decode it than you could imagine. Also, we can give you the information you need to know about your tire at Golden Wrench. So call us now for the closest appointment available.

Tire CodeTire Type

The first letter on the code represents the type of tire. For example, if it is the letter ” P,” it refers to tires intended for passenger vehicles. Also, you may find other letters such as “LT” for light trucks.

Tire Width And The Aspect Ratio

There are two different numbers on the tire after the letter, divided by a slash. The first one (which is three digits) is the width of the tire measured in millimeters. The following two digits number after the slash is the ratio of the tire’s height to its width.


What you will find next on the tire is a letter referring to the construction type. For Example, the letter “R” stands for radical, meaning the layers will radically run across the tire.

Wheel Diameter

Have you ever wondered which car battery is the best choice for your vehicle while going for a replacement? There are four critical factors you should consider before you choose the battery.

 3.Tire Age Matters

Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. Your tire may look good, but is it OK from inside too? Car tires have an expiration date like any other product. To find out how old they are, you can check their born-on date listed on them. The code also reveals their manufacture and its location. However, in this case, the last four digits are important to us. The first two numbers indicate the week of the year from 1 to 52, and the last two refer to the year. For example, code 5220 means the tire is from the 52nd week of the year 2020. So driving on an expired tire for a long time may cause a burst, and we strongly recommend replacing them before the expiration time arrives.

4.The Type of Your Spare Tire

Spare tires are not the same in different vehicles. Since they are so different from each other, you need to be ready before you find yourself on the side of the road. Here are the four most common types you will face in modern cars.

Full-Size Spare Tire

If your vehicle has a full-size spare tire, then you may think you bought the car with an extra tire, the same as the other four. Since it is not just for temporary usage, you can use it for a longer time than the different types. However, it will occupy more space in your car, and that’s the only negative point of this kind.

Full-Size Temporary Spare Tire

Due to its shallower tread depth, this is the lighter version of the full-size spare tire. Yet, this kind still occupies a large amount of space, but it is easier to install. You may use it temporarily to get to the nearest tire repair shop.

Temporary Mini Spare Tire

Although known as Donut, the temporary mini spare tire is the tinniest available tire for vehicles. While you can only use it at a slow speed, it requires less space and is much easier to move. Modern cars are leaning toward this kind of spare tire recently.

5.Different Types of Tires

Depending on the climate, you may need a different type of tire. The variety of tires are so vast we can not count them in this article. However, we are going to mention some of their most common types here.

All-Season Tire

The all-season tire is designed for reliable and comfortable driving while delivers good handling on the highways. Due to its symmetrical tread pattern, you won’t face any problems in wet weather.

Touring Tire

Touring Tires are the same as all-season kind but with more responsive handling. It fits better on sport vehicles that are not focused on comfort driving. They usually have a better performance compared to all-season ones while you are driving fast.

Winter Tire

You may use winter tires for the best possible performance on frozen or snowy places. They feature heavy spinning beside deep circumferential grooves. Also, winter tires are more reliable when the temperature drops compared to the other kinds.


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