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5 Signs Your Car Needs A Brake Repair 5 Signs Your Car Needs A Brake Repair

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5 Signs Your Car Needs A Brake Repair

5 Signs Your Car Needs A Brake Repair

For every type of vehicle, brake service is unavoidable since its parts will not last forever. It may seem like routine maintenance, but you should consider expert mechanics and a trustworthy auto repair shop to do the services if you don’t want to put your life at risk. However, most of the time, your car warns you of different signs that the brakes require servicing. The following are some warnings you should recognize about your brake’s health. When you notice any of them, it is essential to stop by the nearest repair shop available.

Fortunately, if you live around Lake Forrest, you do not need to worry about your brakes and the recognization of its warnings. Just book your appointment at Golden Wrench, and we take care of any services your brakes require. Whether it needs a replacement or it will be OK with some adjustments.

1.Brake Lights Not Turning Off

Lots of warning indicators such as brake service lights on your dashboard appear when you start your car. It is a common thing unless one of them does not turn off. Brake indicators are usually red or yellow. So if it is not disappearing, it means your car has detected a problem related to its brake system. However, sometimes the constant light appearance could be due to an engaged parking brake. So try to rerelease the leverage and check whether the light turns off or not. If not, then call us on we are always there for you.

2.Vibration Is A Sign

Whether you are noticing a pulse while pushing the pedal or feeling a vibration under your hands on steering, it is a sign that your car needs a brake service immediately. Over time the brake pads become thin, causing the vibration while pushing the pedal due to pads pressing against an uneven surface of the rotors during a standard brake. It is essential to replace the pads. If that happened, call us to get the first available time for a replacement.

3.The Nose Pulls

If everything is okay, your car will not need an alignment while braking. But, if you felt the nose of your card leans to left or right, then it is time for a brake service. It usually happens due to a stuck caliper that causes pads not to wear evenly. While this is a common brake issue, you better stop by an expert auto repair as other parts may cause this problem too.

Or you can book now on our booking page, so we check your brakes and see whether your brake system causes the problem or not.

4.Car Takes More Time To Stop Than Usual

Have you ever heard about brake fade? If yes, you know your car needs severe brake service. This scenario mostly happens because pads reach a high temperature, making your vehicle take more time to stop than usual. Due to long-term contact of brake pads with rotors, the friction causes heat, and the result is your car may not stop at a place you predicted. You know how dangerous it could be, so book an appointment at Golden Wrench for a complete brake service before it is too late.

5.Barbique Under The Vehicle

If you feel a strong burning smell from your wheels while braking, it means it is time for a brake service caused by overheating. There may also be some smoke coming from the wheels. Anyway, it is unsafe to drive in both situations, so you should stop by at the nearest repair shop or get off the road and call a truck. To avoid this, you better check your brake system periodically. Book now and prevent further problems.

No matter your vehicle problem, you can always trust our certified expert mechanics at Golden Wrench. Whether you want to call us or book online, we will take care of your car like it is one of ours. By the way, try not to miss the golden opportunities that appear on our promotion and coupon page from time to time.


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