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Our goal is to provide anyone in Orange County area the best auto repair services.

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Here are few quality services that we offer:

    • AAA Battery Service
    • Air Filter
    • Auto Glass Repair
    • Brake Fluid
    • Brake Master
    • Brake Pads
    • Brake Service &Repair 
    • Car AC Repair
    • Car Battery
    • Car Battery Replacement & Services
    • Car Filter Service
    • Car Filter Service
    • Engine Coolant
    • Engine Oil
    • Exhaust System
    • Fluid Service
    • Fuel Filter
    • Headlights Restoration
    • Oil Change
    • Oil Filter
    • Power Steering Fluid
    • Smog Check 
    • Tire Repair & Service
    • Transmission Fluid
    • Windshield Wiper Fluid
Great Customer Service

All customers are important to us and we ought to support them before and after they receive any car repair service and use our products. We make your experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Affordable Pricing

Providing superior services from mechanics near me does not mean spending a great deal of money. Our team offers you the best services with affordable pricing than other mechanics.

Quality Various Services

We specialize in superior auto repair services, including oil change, smog test, and many more. Our team ensures the quality of our services even after receiving the one you require.

Highly Skilled & Professional Workers

With our professional team full of talented and highly educated mechanics to do any auto repair service you need, you do not have to worry about anything.

About Company
Professional Auto Repair Center

Golden Wrench Automotive is honored to provide everyone in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel,  Laguna Woods, and other cities in the Orange County area the best auto repair services for over 30 years. 

Years of hard work, professional experience, and enough knowledge have made us capable of repairing and servicing all makes and vehicles’ models.

How It Works?

Follow these few steps to repair your vehicle same as its early days.
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Customer Reviews
Both Ron and Mike are amazing. Ron is very professional, yet down to earth. Excellent work. I recommend them to any one looking for an honest mechanic.
– cherie knopf,
Customer Reviews
Took my BMW to a shop that jerked me around for months. Couldnt fix it. Took it to Ron and they found out it was something simple and the other mechanic had misdiagnosed the car. This a talented honest mechanic.
– Andrew Zambetti,
Customer Reviews
My family has been going to golden wrench for years, Ron has always taken care of us and always does the job right and at a fair price. Definitely recommend his shop.
– Aaron Kohl,

Auto Repair FAQ

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Attention to Low Tire Pressure?
Low tire pressure puts you at risk of popping your tire and makes you feel your vehicle pulling to one side of the road. Also, low tire pressure causes your vehicle to use more power to produce enough speed to run, costing you more gas and money.
What Should I Do If I See My Engine Lights?
If you see your engine light, it may be for several issues like a loose gas cap or even more severe. As you may not figure out what causes this sign, the best way is to come to our auto repair center to make sure nothing is wrong, or if it is, we fix it.
When Should I Check My Brakes?
It is crucial to service your brakes regularly to ensure that they are in peak conditions. Also, consider your brake pads as essential factors for maintaining stopping power. Therefore you have to have them checked often.
What Oil Type Is Best for My Vehicle?
As they are much suitable oil type, it would be best to check the owner's manual to see what oil your vehicle uses. Whether your car uses synthetic or conventional oil, you may find out when and what type of oil you should use.
How Often Oil Change Is Necessary?
Car owners should have their oil changed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles or every three months. You can check your owner's manual to see its accurate time and type. As an oil change is extremely essential, you should pay attention to its timing and services.
How Often Should I Check My Vehicle's Fluid Levels?
Aside from engine oil, many other fluids are vital to the health of your vehicle. Some examples include the transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, and power-steering fluid. Their levels are not only affected by how frequently you drive but extreme temperatures as well. As such, specialists advise checking them simultaneously as your oil change or every month or two.
How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?
Typically, there are two filters in a vehicle. One is for the engine, and the other is for the cabin. A dirty filter can prevent airflow, limiting the engine's ability to expend hot air and inhibiting clean air from passing through. How often you need to change it varies, though the conventional timeframe is about 30,000 miles, which is why the best way to determine that it requires a replacement is to check it periodically. Fortunately, replacing a filter is a quick and easy process.
When Should I Replace My Car Battery?
The standard battery is projected to last three to five years, but variables like hot and cold weather can influence its longevity, so it is best to keep an eye out for signs your battery power is declining. If your headlights and dashboard lights are starting to dim or if your vehicle has difficulty starting, these are clues that your vehicle may be due for a battery replacement.
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